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UX581GX ZenBook Pro Duo (i9 9980HK)

Star I
Frequency of Occurrence: Sometimes
Reset OS: No
Model: UX581GV
Battery or AC: AC
Description: Computer will not stay in sleep mode
System: Windows 10

So I am now having my second issue with my ZenBook Pro Duo. It will not stay in sleep mode. I hate to keep complaining about this laptop, but I absolutely love it and just want these issues fixed. It will go to sleep when I close the lid, but it will then wake up about 10 seconds later and be fully powered up with the screen closed. It will get very hot because of the design of this laptop to be lifted when open and being used. I am not going to keep restoring my PC for every little issue, so I will not restore again since it will take days to reinstall everything again. Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue. Thanks!

Community Legend II
Hello Fredeaf,
May you record a video of the power button issue if possible?
and have you ever tried to see if there is anything running in the background or wake the device up?
Was there any update or modification before the issue occured?
Thank you.