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Touchpad behaving erratically

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System: x64-based
Battery or AC:
Model: ZenBook UX431DA_UM431DA
Frequency of occurrence: Will go away sometimes but usually present
Reset OS: Windows 10 Home (I assume you're asking me what my OS currently is)
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:
I've seen quite a few posts and replies about this (and I've tried everything). My touchpad behaves erratically most of the time and is unusable at this point. It's jumpy, there's no precision, and it will start click dragging things at random at times. I have tried updating drivers/BIOS and anything I could find online. The main one being the ASUS support page titled "[Notebook] How to fix the Touchpad abnormal problems - Troubleshooting" updated on 23/10/2020 (I wasn't allowed to post the link here)
But nothing has worked so far. The problem subsides for a short time sometimes, especially if I've just turned the laptop on, but it will eventually start happening again. I got this laptop in August 2020 so it's new, and I've wasted about a month trying different things to fix the issue.
Note: I use a bluetooth mouse most of the time now, which mostly works fine but I've seen similar issues with that though rarely.
If there are any new updates coming that I could use this would be great. If not any suggestion on driver/BIOS updates, I've already tried and failed. Apart from that, any help will be greatly appreciated, including if you recommend me to request a replacement laptop (though this problem seems to exist with the model in general so I don't think it's special to my specific laptop)

All the best,

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Hello Tuana,
Please kindly provide product SN in the PM I send you.
And may I know your BIOS version?
Thank you.