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ScreenPad graphics on new ZenBook Flip never worked

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System: Windows 10 home
Battery or AC: both
Model: ZenBook Flip UX463FL
Frequency of occurrence: never worked
Reset OS: yes (I have reloaded win10)
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:On my new ZenBook Flip I can active the numeric number on the pad but can not show other graphics. Pressing F6 only gives me 2 choices, touchpad enable & disable, where I should other options?
I have followed instructions from a ASUS technician , reinstalled the following many times:
1) ScreenXpert (Windows Store App)
2) System Control Interface v3 (ASUSSystemControlInterfacev3_ASUS_Z_V3.0.5.0_13234)
3) ScreenXpert Interface (Driver)
4) Ran the ScreenPad Plus Optimizer V1.0.0.6 (an error code 0x00000040).

I still have issues and I think the interface is not installed correctly ... so I have attached a picture of my drivers for others to look at and see if I have missed something? Interface not working?


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Hi Craig,
May I have a picture of your touchpad?
We have different version for this model.
One is normal touchpad with numpad on it, and one is with screenpad.
Thank you.

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has someone else had issues with screenpad, no drivers showing?