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ScreenPad display is black and does not show up as display

Star I
I have an ASUS ZenBook Pro 14 UX480F (UX450FDX 307 BIOS). The ScreenPad is black since reinstalling. I have understood that I shot myself in the foot by deleting the OEM partition RECOVERY and that the official workaround is sending it to ASUS service for their blessed Windows image. That's not happening any time soon, and we shouldn't have to anyway, so please work with me.
I'm using Windows 10 Pro 1809, because the latest version was stated not to be compatible in a support document I found. I've gathered many versions of each driver available and tried to understand which applies when.
Anyhow, I'm told the ScreenPad should function as a display even without the ScreenPad-related drivers. Is that accurate? This computer has both Intel and Nvidia graphics. I have installed drivers for both. I have tried using the drivers from the eSupport folder, from Windows Update, and from Intel and Nvidia websites.
Any advice? I figure I should focus on getting the display to show a screen. Appreciate any suggestions.
It functioned as ScreenPad 1.0 before the reinstall.