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MyAsus Battery Health Charging Recurring Problem (solved)

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Model: ASUS ZenBook 15 UX533FD
Frequency of occurrence: Every time plugged in and turning on
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:
I've recently come across a problem with the battery health charging setting intergrated inside the MyAsus app. I've set it to maximum lifespan mode which only allows the battery to be charged up to 60%, but for some reason everytime i restart or shutdown my laptop while plugged in, the battery keeps charging up to 100%, any clues on how to fix this? I've had MyAsus since i purchased this laptop and had no issues whatsoever but recently this problem started about 2 months ago, I have tried uninstalling the app and re installing it a couple times but the issues won't get fixed. And have the most up to date for Version V1.0.33.0 ASUS System Control Interface V1(Driver) and ASUS System Control Interface provide optimization of MyASUS.


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Weirdly, it started to regconise the maximum lifespan mode after turning on. So its kind mysteriously solved...