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Link to MyAsus with Samsung Galaxy Note10+

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System: Windows 10 64-bit
Battery or AC: Either
Model: UX482EG
Frequency of occurrence: Continuous
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
I'm trying to connect link to MyAsus to my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, but it wont connect.
What I have done so far was:
Reinstall Laptop from scratch;
Hard reset my Note10+ Phone;
Tried other device, iphone 7, and it connects perfectly;
Has anyone been successful connecting a Galaxy, namely Note 10 to Link to My Asus app?

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Hello MotoWiZ,
Was there any firmware update on your phone before the issue occurred?
And what is your current firmware version?
Thank you.

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Hi Blake_ASUS
The PC is brand new, I used to have a Macbook Pro, so no updates, it was a first try. Never been capable of connecting with Note10+, but made it with iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 Plus.
My android version is 11 and Windows 10 Pro 64bit ver. 20H2.
When I try to pair my laptop and my Note10 I see a message of unstable wifi and bluetoth connection, and phone and laptop are incapable of pairing.
I've seen other posts of ppl trying to pair Galaxy phones with laptops for file transfer and music sharing and they have the same problem. That's why I just want to know if someone was capable of connecting a Note10 to an Asus laptop through Link to MyAsus app.

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Attached I leave two screenshots, one from the laptop and one from the Note10, after for the 1000 time, trying to pair them in Link to MyAsus.
And this was a victory, it was the first time the name of the laptop appeared in my phone screen, normally it doesn't appear, The name of the phone never appeared on the laptop app...


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Hello MotoWiZ,
Let me consult more about using Samsung phone with Link to MyASUS.
Thank you for your findings and update.