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Can I connect a monitor to my laptop (Zenbook UX461U) with a usb-c to HMDI adaptor

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System: Zenbook laptop, Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Model: UX461U
Frequency of occurrence:
Reset OS:
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Is it possible to connect a monitor to the usb-c port? I have a Dell usb-c to HDMI/Display Port adaptor, and the laptop recognizes the adaptor, but when I plug a monitor into the HDMI port on the adaptor, nothing happens.
And if the answer is no, then is there another way to connect two HDMI monitors to the laptop and have an extended (not duplicated) display?

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Hello rosemary,
The USB C port on this model does not support display export.
You may consider to use a dongle with external graphic card inside to connect the second monitor,
however, we are not able to guarantee the performance of this kind of connection.
Thank you.