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Blurry front camera asus zenbook 14

Hello,Within the last 2 days I noticed my facial recognition was not working properly. I signed into a zoom conference yesterday and my image was all blurry. I have tried wiping the screen, running all updates, restarting the computer. I rely heavily...

Keyboard not responding

Model: UX581Frequency of occurrence: almost every day========================Detailed description:The keyboard suddenly stops working and doesn't respond, after a reset it is fixed

Zenbook Camera driver

System: Windows 11Battery or AC: Yes bothModel: UX434FLFrequency of occurrence: all the timeReset OS: YesScreenshot or video: No========================Detailed description:The wrong camera driver has been downloaded and install from Microsoft. Thi...

kelvinJ by Star I
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White spots on the screen, appearing from nowhere, ZenBook 14

Hi!I am writing here as I have an issue with the screen of my ZenBook 14, bought in 2021. I have been noticing white dots appearing on the screen from literally no where for the last year. I always took good care of my computer, but the first dot I t...

Alicja by Star I
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zenbook UX480F après 2ans 1/2 carte mère HS

Ce Pc au bout de 2ans 1/2 (acheté en juillet 2019) ne s'allume plus. Je viens de le renvoyer au service après vente Asus et il diagnostique de changer la carte mère, coût plus de 900 € car hors garantie de 2 ans.J'ai acheté ce pc 1600€ et à ce prix, ...

marcazo by Star I
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{IMPORTANT} ASUS Zenbook flip 14 UX463FL PEN

I have a problem with my pen. When I write, sometimes it stops writing for no reason! First I thought it was the battery, but I changed it! What should I do??Here is a video to show the problem

Sura by Star I
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1001 error on new laptop

System: Windows 11Battery or AC: Model: UX534FACFrequency of occurrence: AlwaysReset OS: Screenshot or video: ========================Detailed description:Laptop bought in December 2021 -- Specification said it comes with ScreenXpert (ScreenPad 2.0)G...

Asus Zenbook UX582HS Color banding/ oversaturated/ black crushed

System: Windows 11Battery or AC: Model: UX582HSFrequency of occurrence: all the timeReset OS: yesScreenshot or video: ========================Detailed description:Hi! I have an issue with terrible color banding especially in dark colors (bla...

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Malina by Star II
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