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Resolved! UX325EA Weird power menu in Win10 with an empty line

hi,This bothers me every now and then, i decided to try fixing it. So on a "cold" start i will have this empty line in the power menu, attached.I just updated the Intel Iris XE latest drivers with "clean" install and it's still the same...

gabrio81 by Rising Star I
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Zenbook 14x I713700H w/o Graphics Card runs HOT with basic web browsing

Purchased this for my daughter based on several really good video and article reviews. Not a single mention of this getting hot under normal/minimal loads. But as I'm setting this up for her no matter if its plugged in, not plugged in, using Chrome o...

taxo00 by Star I
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Pro Art Creator Hub

It would be nice to have the option to default dock our creations to the right of the screen on the Duo range of laptops

rd3d2 by Star I
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Zenbook UM425I Unresponsive Power Button

Unable to power up using keyboard power button. System will boot after detach and re-attach battery connector and plugged in power adapter. Tried with a new set of keyboard, issue persist. Please advise

Asus Zenbook um535 Docking station

Hi, just purchased a Zenbook OLED um535 and noticed it has a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C (my bad didnt pick this up on the review). Can anyone advise if this port can support a second monitor and a docking station that could work. thanks 

Anson1 by Star I
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Laptop not working without charger and battery not charging

Hey, I've now had my zenbook duo for a few years now, and recently the laptop would not turn on without it being plugged into the charger and the battery is not charging, it is stuck at 65% not going up nor down. I have tried restarting the laptop mu...

Zenbook 14x cpu slow after sleep

Zenbook UX5401ZA i7-12700hFirmware UX5401ZA.306I have the laptop plugged into AC power, quite often after I wake it up from sleep the CPU seems to be in some sort of power savings or sleep mode as everything is running very slowly, the fans barely sp...

Resolved! ASUS UX434FLC - yet another dead screenpad, only works as a touchpad

Hello,I checked the forum and saw similar problems, unfortunately I did reinstall all drivers and still nothing.But from the beginning:ScreenPad stopped working (stays black) after Windows 11 reinstallation. Pressing F6 was giving me 3 options: Scree...

pch by Star II
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Zenbook Duo - UX482EA - battery is not charging

Hi,My laptop is currently dead as I only noticed that it wasn’t charging (even though it was plugged in) when the battery level went low. I have tried the battery back with a different device that works with a type C charger and it works, so the batt...

Connect 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time

Hello! I have the Asus Zenbook 14 OLED and I am planning to buy a bluetooth drawing tablet (Wacom Intuos S Bluetooth). However I also have bluetooth headphones (JBL Tune520BT) and I am wondering if I can listen to music on them and work on my drawing...

kushh8 by Star I
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