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Numpad is not active on Windows 11 Home

System: Asus ZenBookBattery or AC: Model: UX425EAFrequency of occurrence: Reset OS: Screenshot or video: ========================Detailed description:The numpad was active on Win 10 Home. After the migration on Win 11 Home the numpad is not active....

Excessive idle battery consumption in Whisper Mode

System: Windows 10Battery or AC: BatteryModel: UX482EGFrequency of occurrence: Occasionally on boot========================Detailed description:After days of chasing this issue, I have found that changing from Whisper mode to Performance mode allows ...

Zenbook Pro 15 UX580

Si può avere l'interfaccia di controllo del sistema ASUS in Zenbook Pro 15 UX580GE

Windows 11 on Zenbook Duo - Discussion thread

System: Windows 11Model: Zenbook Duo UX482E========================Detailed description- Hi owners of UX482 and UX582! I have a UX482EA, and was thinking of upgrading to Windows 11. If anyone here has upgraded, could you please share your experience?...

flat cable Asus U51VZ FPC Board

ello,I have a Zenbook Touch U500VZ-CM058H including the IO board connection cable, reference: UX51VZ FPC Board rev2 which is HS.This tablecloth is "unavailable" in the Shop-Asus.I am looking for this tablecloth (new or used).Can you help me find this...


ASUS ZenBook Flip 15 unstable with Ubuntu

System: ASUS ZenBook Flip 15Battery or AC: EitherModel: UX564EHFrequency of occurrence: Every 10 minutes?Reset OS: YesScreenshot or video: ========================Installing Ubuntu wasn't straightforward, but was possible as follows:Disable OptaneAdd...

kodbuse by Star I
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No numpad on my UX425EA, Please Help!

System: Windows 10Battery or AC: BothModel: UX425EA-KI462TFrequency of occurrence: PermanentReset OS: NoScreenshot or video: N/A========================Detailed description:UX425EAI recently bought UX425 on ASUS official website. I have just received...

ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 Service request Fans not cooling

I have been having issues with my ZenBook being extremely hot since I received it and have not been able to talk to anyone. I purchased a fan to go underneath and that doesn't even help. When I do my Asus and try to put in a repair ticket the page sa...


System: Microsoft Windows 11 Home single language x64 bitModel: Asus Zenbook UX 435 EGFrequency of occurrence: USUALLY from day one========================Detailed description: My battery drains really fast, it should stay 12 hours but it stay for 5 ...

ASUS Zenbook Touchpad

Hey I've been using the Zenbook Touchpad and every time I'm typing I keep accidentally swiping on the calculator shortcut (triangle with circles on corners) on the touchpad and activating the calculator app. Is there any way to disable the shortcut?

arezaei by Star I
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