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Asus zenbook duo ux482

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System: Windows 11
Battery or AC: Battery
Model: UX482EG
Frequency of occurrence: Regular
Reset OS: Yes
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:I am having battery life issue on so called power saving mode of ASUS i.e Whisper mode. I am getting 5 hours battery life (screenpad off) on edge video playback 720p. In comparison I am getting 10 hours battery life on Balanced mode with same operations. Consulted service centre few times. They have no answers. Have written mails to ASUS with no response from 8 months. If Whisper mode is the mist power efficient mode in ASUS laptops then why I am getting rhe worst battery life after switching to that mode. Can I anyone help?

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i have installed windows 11 from scratch so i don't know which power setting takes precedence ,windows or asus.
instead of checking battery life, just open task manager in bottom screen and check base frequency of the cpu when on different modes.
Task Manager>Performance Tab>CPU(left column)
and open myasus and snap it on the right in the lower screen and change modes while running two screen on top one webpage and one video

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@aau aau
I checked with YouTube on main screen and windows explorer opened on screenpad, base frequency of CPU was higher on Whisper mode as compared to Balanced mode and Performance mode. What does that mean in terms of battery usage? Can u explain?

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basically battery usage = power left, power is determined by how hard the cpu is working and for how long, so high freq will consume battery faster compared to low frequency
whisper mode is definitely trying to optimize temperature
probably boosting the clockspeed occasionally and going back to low clockspeed, so instead of optimizing for battery life by boosting when convenient and letting the cpu heat slightly and fans run for some time, it is instead prioritizing the temperature to never rise

Update. We expect to release BIOS 315 in mid-May to fix this situation, thank you.

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Hi guys, sorry I didn't see a notification for this thread until now.
I use a battery monitoring program called "BatteryMon" and I use it just to check if I have a high idle drain and also to keep an eye on how much run time I have left. I can idle at around 4-6W with both screens on and at medium brightness when on performance mode, however on whisper mode I can only get 11-18W consumption. Therefore it is most definitely a software error either in the power configuration driver or firmware.
I am really looking looking forward to the update that fixes this, and I would be happy to contribute any data if I can to expediate the process.
I think that the battery life of this device can be so great and most users would really benefit from a fix for this bizarre issue.