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Asus Screenpad 2.0 barely has any functionality

I have a Zenbook Pro 15 UX580GE that I bought in May of last year. It had Screenpad 1.0 until I upgraded to 2.0 in March. I find myself not using the new version other than as an extension display, because I can't install any apps for it, as I can't find the AppDeals app anywhere and the MyAsus app doesn't display anything of use.
What can I do to change this?

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I have the same problem

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Dear both,
Please go to "Microsoft Store" directly to download the APPs you need.
Screenpad 2.0 no longer needs to use "screenpad apps"
you may use the third party Apps and the built-in Apps as well,
just pin them to the screenpad following the FAQ below.
[Notebook] ASUS ScreenXpert (Screenpad 2.0) - Introduction | Official Support | ASUS Global
and for MyASUS, please refer to below link
[MyASUS for Windows] Why can I only see the Thank you.