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windows 11 bios

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System: s532flc
Battery or AC:
Model: s532flc
Frequency of occurrence: always
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:

When the new bios will be released that activates the tpm for the s532flc model, for the s532fl model, it is already available.

At the control of windows 11 it is not activated.



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the windows 11 installation package tells me that the TPM 2.0 is not present, and blocks the installation of windows11. But shouldn't this be available in the i7 10510u CPU? is it necessary to update the bios? I followed the instructions in teh asus FAQ 1046308  but the voices are not there

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if your laptopmis currently on windows 10, you can check whether TPM 2.0 is activated and enabled on your laptop,
see below site from asus faq
[Notebook/AIO] How to check if my computer supports TPM and what its version is? | Official Support ...
Did you completely checked inside the bios settings, if your laptop comes into 7th gen or higher processors, TPM option might not be available in the BIOS.

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HARDWARE TPM is not present, but need to be activated into the BIOS for Intel CPU.
So MY question is? when will it be released?

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I don't know why, but I have downgraded the bios and now the trusted computer menu has appeared, I have enabled the tpm module and I am now finally upgrading to windows 11.

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After windows 11 installation, bios upgrade automatically to last version, but menu trusted computer remain.