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Repairing Asus K95VM-YZ005D

Star I

Does anyone still happen to own an Asus K95VM-YZ005D 18.4 inch laptop with the 3rd gen i7 CPU (3610QM) and the GT 630M GPU? I'm trying to repair mine, but I think I might need a donor device to get mine back up and running... Right now it's about 50% intact and able to start up, but the screen isn't attached, plus some of the system's components are damaged and unusable (most just need their wires to be welded back onto their boards to become usable again). The motherboard also has a bit of rust on some of its ports. But other than all that, the system is pretty much still in decent condition (other than the fact that the external plastic frame is somewhat damaged in some areas), despite how old it is.