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Capture c-band and ka-band signals by 5G chip of Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders phone

Star I
Dear Sir/Madam
I want to buy a ASUS Phone. Its name is ASUS Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders, Please consult me about if we can capture c-band and ka-band by 5G chip is in it ?
Because of mobile operators of my country(Iran country) don't implement 5G coverage in my living place(Tehran city) yet and this 5G chip support frequency range 1-6 Ghz and 26ghz,28ghz and 39ghz. I think that Array Antenna and matched filter and all of receiver was handled in it lead to getting tv channels that there is in this bands. Then with writing app we can watch the tv channels on the smartphone. Please help me and give more informations about this problem.
Thank you very much.

Rising Star II
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