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Support 21:9 or pivot?

Star II
Firmware/App Version: 0x7
Frequency of Occurrence: not
App Name: tablet mode

Last edited by kkk3206 on 2019/5/3 09:46 I ask something before decide to make a purchase. Does ASUS Rog Mobile Desktop Dock(Zs600kld) support 21:9 monitor without letterbox? And does the dock support pivot mode for my work style? I know there are three modes, mirror / Twinview / tablet mode Does Rog has any function like dex? Sentio Desktop, Leena Desktop UI, these apps not work perfectly like dex. and other app require root permission. I was disappointed about Gamegenie could not mapping third party bluetooth pad like i-pega. I don't want to root phone for key mapping app. And the gamevice doesn't have space for inserting the cooler. I have twinview dock. I wanted to attach controller above upside down.

Zen Master I
Hi kkk3206, For monitors that are not 18:9, there may be letterbox in mirror mode when using Mobile Desktop Dock. In Twinview mode and Tablet mode, the display will adjust to full screen. Could you tell me how these two apps Sentio Desktop, Leena Desktop UI cannot work perfectly on ROG phone? Are you using it with Mobile Desktop Dock? For no key mapping on third party controllers, and Gamevice no space for cooler, and Twinview dock advices, you may share your ideas in the Idea For Next section, the ideas there will be highly considered in our phone design. :)

Star II
Last edited by kkk3206 on 2019/5/9 09:54 Thank you for replying, that's I wanted to know it. 21:9 on mirroring mode The pivot solution I found is hdmirotation setting. For the Sentio Desktop, It's a good work but the taskbar changed widget style on the multi tasking. (missing often after Picture By Picture multi tasking). And desktop background on the multi tasking not supported. For the Leena Desktop Ui, It looks pretty, The floating window is not work on the Leena. These Desktop UI Apps are some lack of functionality. even developer mode activated. Not the problems on rog Phone, In my greed, I want the Desktop mode optimizing by Asus for Mobile Desktop Dock. In addition to, The third party pad mapping really needs for cooling. This video is recorded with Aero Active cooler. Its temperature rises above 50 degrees Celsius.