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Why it is taking 1 month to replace the motherboard and warranty is extended only for 2 month

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I submitted my Device for service on Nov 28th due to the heat and charging issues. After diagnose which was found to be issue with motherboard.
After 3 - 4 time discussion they agreed to deliver the parts on Dec 21 and I can collect the device by 28 with 3 months warranty extension. (Initially they said I can get only by Jan 1st week with 2 month warranty extension).
Recently, on Dec 21, I asked the status of my devices with the service center in Coimbatore, they said they dont have info when they will get the parts. I called the Customer support and they said the device parts are planned to deliver only by Dec 24 and it will cover only 2 months warranty again. 😓😓
I can understand the reason (could be the Coronavirus pandemic) behind the shipment process, **but why it take more than 25 days ???**
Other one is **extending the warranty period for only 2 MONTHS!!!** you keep my device for 1 month and replace the mobile part due to common issue that was raised by many!. As my warranty end by Jan 5th and extended only for 2 months, how guaranty that same issue will not happen after 4 month with the new mother board.
Please dont tell ASUS has Premium Phones and Premium services, I never came across a worst customer services like this. There is no value for money with ASUS products. This is what the best they can do for the PREMIUM user?🙂🙂

Hi Sarvna_S,
The service centers are slowly getting back to full capacity and there might be delay in some cases.
That's the same reason why we care for users and provide extra warranty wherever necessary. Deeply appreciate your patience and support.
You don't need to worry, if in any unseen circumstances the issue arises again like say 2-3 months later you can PM me.

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Hi @ARP_ASUS , I appreciate that, but there is some limit for our patience, your services cannot even providing me the spare phone for this duration. I am running my days now with a basic phone and keep carry my laptop to check my mails and messages.