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Why are we not getting security updates in a regular Interval

Rising Star II
Asus, May I know the reason behind not sending security updates on regular interval? Do you think that security updates are not required to keep our phone secure from security threat?
When other leading brands are doing it properly, why not Asus? Can you share your problem or difficulty behind this delay. @Gustav_ASUS

Zen Master I
@ASUS do you care about your existing customer or are you working on ROG 4 for the next set of chicken ?

Rising Star II
Theres a thing called a pandemic lol.
Granted we missed August but seeing how things are ATM I'm not that fussed

Community Legend I
If you ask me, ASUS have improved from 7 months patch to attempting to bring updates within 2 - 3 months (July to September) assuming the delivery is still within this month.
I did concern myself with the 7 months patch update when I was going to buy the phone. I mean, as long you stick to well known sources for downloading apps such as Google Play, you shouldn't need to worry about too much about the security updates. The other layer is the developer of the apps as they will need to be on par with their coding too. Obviously, this doesn't give an excuse to not provide security updates, but at least it has improved and it is going in the right direction.
Android security update tracker: Ranking the top smartphones

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@ASUS do you care about your existing customer or are you working on ROG 4 for the next set of chicken ?

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Asus is truly shit compared to other smartphone companies such as oneplus and samsung just because they read, reply and convence their buyers that they will include fixes for bugs and new features but majority of serious bugs are still not fixed and no new features are added. Well played asus. They played us.