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The Google assistant does not work with the wireless bluetooth headset enabled on ROG PHone 2

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ASUS ROG Phone 2 Strix Edition
Firmware WW-17.0240.2004.9
No root.
Google Assistant 0.1.187945513
If a wireless headset is connected, an OK Google call is triggered but there is a message on the screen that Google is currently unavailable. And no further commands are triggered.
If you turn off the bluetooth or headset, everything will be fine and the assistant will start working. This happens both on mobile networks and on the internet via wi-fi. Permissions for the voice assistant in the smartphone settings are all enabled: Bluetooth, commands, voice recording.
How can I solve this problem so that the assistant works over a wireless headset?


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I have the same issue. Not working when i press the voice assistant button. It works however when I manually open assistant on the phone.

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@prowax666 I've tested around with my device and have the same problems as you do. I did some more looking around and this seems to be a problem across several different brands and models. There are several discussion threads on the Google forums discussing this, but I've yet to find a solution.

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Thank you, everybody!
With this firmware upgrade, my problem has been solved:
Version WW-17.0240.2007.27