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Rog Strix Arion

Star II
Hello guys. I just buy this enclosure, i put an m2 nvme ssd in it, and my rog phone didn't detect it. Can anyone tell me why or guide me how to make it can be detected on my rog phone 2. Thanks

Community Legend III
Is the enclosure working fine with your PC and showing up in your OS? If the SSD is brand new you will have to format it first (Disk Management for Windows 10) and make sure that the disk format is compatible with your ROG II. Compatibility may also vary with your SSD module.
Please mention me in this thread when you've got a chance to test things further.

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@rayzack07 You can try taking out the M.2 and connect the empty enclosure to your phone and see if it can be lighted up and recognized. Depending on what SSD you're using with the enclosure, you might need a higher power voltage to make your ROG II recognize the M.2 disk.