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ROG Phone II Tips & Tricks

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This thread will teach you more about those good to know ROG Phone II features. Both in hardware and in ASUS ZenUI (Pie) that are easy to miss. Advanced users may already know some of these tips & tricks but we bet there’s something for everyone. Our goal is to continuously find more things to share with you and we encourage everyone to help us with this list by telling us about your own discoveries. Don't be shy 😉
Disable animation for Armoury Crate and Game Genie


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Hey everyone...

Any ideas on Airtel native video calling and wifi calling option in rog 2 after the Android 10 update... Can't find it anywhere.. Thanx

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Not yet available

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New update of last week caused drastical change to my ROG 2. Battery life was superb before this update. Now i have to charge it twice a day without even gameplay.
New update that caused it is : 17.0240.2009.47

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same here but I read somewhere that the problem is from Google playstore let's hope they find a fix soon before the battery get damaged

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Hello sir, I'm Asus Rog2 Ultimate edition user in Philippines. Still no update for android 10 but I have notification?

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Gian Carlo

Have you tweaked some settings so that the phone will not get that hot? What temps are you getting?

Trying to get profiles with Power Saving High Performance for pubg mobile.

Im talking about the codm profile here with power saving high performance.

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Disable animation for Armoury Crate and Game Genie

The opening animation in Armoury Crate might be cool and all but after you’ve seen it a couple of times, you might want to remove it. Good news, it’s possible!

Open Armoury Crate -> 3 dot menu in the top right corner -> Settings -> disable “Launch animation”

You might also reach a point when you are no longer so impressed by the Game Engine info overlay that shows every time you enter a new game. This can also be disabled. 

Go to system settings -> Advanced -> Game Genie -> disable Show starting animation


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 someone tell me why the battery goes down faster since the atualization to android 10? This issue is gonna be fixed or we must go back to android 9? Because is not normal, now I need to recharge my rog 2 twice a day!!! Please same help here...thx