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ROG Phone II Camera Loses Focus

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Can any moderator have a look at the below video. The camera is losing focus when I try to click photo in pro mode with manual focus. It Does work If the object being focused is wide/large.


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Yeah, this is still an issue. There were two of them related to this issue and our camera team only fixed one of them ?‍:male_sign:

I'll make them do it right this time and hope the fix will make it into the next FOTA. Sorry about the inconvenience

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This quick responses of mods like you @Anders_ASUS tempts me to get same like support for 5Z ? 5Z is still a capable n competative device for any flagship ? but 5Z is no where in discussions ? to make it more better we need mods like you @Anders_ASUS ? to always have a ongoing replies and discussions as you guysz are doing it with 6Z n ROG2 thats really an appreciating from your sides? help 5Z n ROG1 these both elder brothers of current generations needs support like it is in this forum ?❤️? @CH_ASUS @LP_ASUS