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ROG Phone 2 In call Speaker not working

I just bought my ROG Phone 2 3 days ago and I found that whenever my call is on speaker the recieving person is unable to hear my voice at all. It's very frustrating. Didn't expect bugs this soon on a new mobile. And yes i already have updated the phone to its latest version that is of October 1st 2019 and the version of the update is WW_16.0631.1910.64_0.
Can anyone help please??

Another thing that i just found is that the boardmic isn't working or is recieving sound very very low. I found this by doing the BoardMic Test

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Then you need to contact ASUS Support and troubleshoot with them. Sounds like a hardware issue and if it is, then you will probably be asked to return it to the place of purchase (if you're still within 1 week from purchase)