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ROG 2 White Screen and back logo flashing red

Star I
hi there , its been a few days since I updated to the latest firmware (WW-16.0631.1910.35) and I pulled the phone from my pocket and unlocked it by pushing the power button and the screen became completely white and the logo on the back its flashing red , how can I solve this ? At the moment im just waiting for it to run out of power and pray for it to work but this isn t normal right ? Also long pressing the power button doesnt work , please help
EDIT : I managed to make it work again by pressing the volume down and power at the same time and it rebooted normally . If someone knows anything about this problem please share a solution , dont want this to happen again, thanks in advance.


Hall of Fame III
It was probably a one time thing but do let us know if it ever happens again

Star I
Hey. The same thing has been happening to me about once a day since the update.
I have the 1tb version
Anyone have a fix for this or is it an RMA number

Zen Master II
The same happened once after the 64 update. Completely white light screen.

Star I
So been happening all day today. I have completed a factory reset and installed a limited number of apps. All seems ok so far. Fingers crossed.