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ROG Phone 3 Phone suddenly dead

Star III

As per title.

My ROG Phone of 3 years and 7 months is suddenly dead.

I woke up to the phone not having the charging light on as it usually does. The phone was also crazy hot. Screen did not show the fingerprint scan icon as usual. Does not respond to power button presses include attempts to hard reset either.

I unplugged the phone to let it cool down. After what seemed like forever the phone has returned to room temperature and I try to charge it, but now all it shows is a flashing red LED.

Model Name: ASUS_I003D

Firmware Version: cannot remember

rooted or not: not rooted

Frequency of Occurrence: Happened on Sunday, phone cannot be used since.


I am very unhappy with the phone the longer I owned it. Firstly Asus has refused to enable VOLTE for my telco, Digi, citing a exclusivity contract with Maxis Malaysia and will only allow VoLTE on Maxis. Secondly I am not happy that the phone's last version of Android is Android 12 and is not receiving improvements from the newer versions of Android. And now I'm not happy that the phone just pathetically upped just like that. My past Android devices lasted longer than this.