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Rear camera "portrait" mode freezes / can't take photo

Star I
I am having an issue but only for the rear camera. Here are the steps:
1) launch the camera app. By default you will be on "photo" mode using the rear camera. You can then swipe left to go to "video" mode or swap right to go to "portrait" mode.
2) When I swipe right to go to "portrait" mode, the display freezes. The buttons are not working (shutter, settings, reverse camera, etc). The only thing I can do is swipe again left or right to go back to "photo" mode or "pano" mode.
Everything else is working for me except for that "portrait" mode when using rear camera.
I hope I explained it well.

Leaving a screen recording.
When opened with asus default camera it is getting struck in potrait mode
Please advise.

Zen Master II
Portrait mode running absolutely fine on my phone all the time. I agree you have a software issue as hardware problems I believe would effect all modes.

Star I
Hey, did you ever find a solution for this? I am facing the exact same issue except in my Zenfone6, right now. Portrait mode gets stuck in the stock app while everything works fine in Gcam and other modes work fine in stock app? Need help. @john.lumbre

Star I
@john.lumbre let me know.