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Pubg mobile erangle 2.0 update 90 fps

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Dear team Asus,
Why is 90 fps not supported in my Asus Rog phone 2 when my screen display frame rate is at 120 fps.
Pubg has officially released 90fps for new update and I am still stuck in smooth and extreme setting.
Please update
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Use this settings


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Please send me apk for new update of pubg with 90 fps?

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Akash Gupta

Please send me apk for new update of pubg with 90 fps?

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Open this website using vpn and download it.

Community Legend I
Just got the download and is working as expected. I will say good job to Asus for working with Tencent Corp to get this to work.

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Guys just open pungmobile instagram account , you will find the link in their story (apk) , use a vpn just to start the download as soon as it begins you can disconnect it . Open file manager , go to downloads you will see 1.1 version file open it click install launc your app update your game. Boom 90FPS , it's really smooth guys worth the wait .
Here is the link , try to open it without vpn and if you can not just try it with vpn and if this works no need to go to pungmobile story link . I've copied this one from there itself cheers👍

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Yes can confirm . 90fps works fine after 1.1.0 update.