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Phone screen not responding

Star I

So recently my phone whenever is left idle or when i press the power button to put it in standby/sleep mode , the screen just becomes unresponsive, it's not like the phone switches off, earlier i thought it did but i turned on "always on" display to check if it's still on or not, and it infact was , just not responsive to any button presses or screen taps, to make it functioning again I have to always  hold down the vol down and power button for 15 secs to reboot it . The phone will never become unresponsive as long as I am using it, it works completely fine as long as I am playing some game or doing anything,but the moment I put it down or press the power button to put it on standby, it'll just go unresponsive...sometimes it won't, but most cases it does . I don't know what's suddenly going on with the phone, i really would like someone to help me 


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Community Manager
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