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No 90fps on pubgm seriously?

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Just updated to pubgm1.0 . I noticed there is no 90fps option on rog phone 2 whereas it is there on rog phone 3. Any updates regarding this matter? What is the use of 120 hz display rate if there is not even an option for 90fps when so many inferior devices support it ?

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We're looking into why some ROG Phone 3 users are getting 90 FPS already.

As for the ROG II (and 90 FPS support in general), this is unfortunately out of our hands and up to the developers of the game. Hopefully PUBG Corporation will support ROG 2/3 in a future update.

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I have it on my rog 2...

Sinto muito, mais acho que o amigo que tem 90fps no ROG 2 mexeu na estrutura do game e pode tomar BAN, pq no meu nem cheiro do 90fps, isso é uma vergonha.

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Its upto the developers they say. Well have you guys even tried contacting the appropriate authorities at pubgm? We need the update to roll out as soon as possible. Can you guys do your part and at least try solving the issue instead of playing the waiting game? INFORM the pubgm authorities at least and keep us updated