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Need help pls. I'm not really tech savvy.

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Been having problems with this now. Please watch the attached recording. It happens most of the time when I use the side port when I'm charging. Tried different cables and chargers but it doesn't seem to go away. Even with the charger and cable that comes with it. On a good day this doesn't happen but most of the time it does. Even if I attach the fan attachment it still pops up. It still charges but it's really annoying.

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Sorry to bug you guys again but I semm to notice that every time I use the side port to charge, my mobile data fluctuates a lot. Is that a common issue for ROG2? But when I'm using the bottom port it doesn't. Kind of annoying when playing online haha

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With regards to your initial issue, I think you need to let your device cool down after it is being charged.
With regards to your issue on internet fluctuates, what do you mean? What app is it this doing it on? Can you show a video of the issue with side port and bottom port?
The easiest way is to do a speed test on both ports.