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Lost usb 3 transfer speed after latest update?

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Previously i was getting high speed data transfers, now it seems to be capped at 47.2 MB/s. Anyone else facing this issue? I will buy a new cable and try again. But my other device Lg g7+ is working at 150+ MB/s on same cable, same pc, same file.

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Terribly sorry about the late reply. I meant to reply after I double checked this internally and forgot to write back.

The cable that comes with ROG Phone II is a USB 2.0 USB-C cable. You might think "what?!?" but it's actually quite uncommon for phones to come bundled with proper USB 3.0 cables. Something you will notice if you search through other forums. LG might be one of the few exceptions. The strange thing is that you say that you use the same cable for both your G7 Thin Q. My best guess is that you're using the wrong port. Only the side-mounted port is USB 3.0.

Actually, the side-mounted port is USB3.1 gen2/DP 1.4(4K)/Fast Charging (QC3.0+QC4.0/PD3.0)/Direct Charge

while the bottom port is USB2.0/Fast Charging (QC3.0/PD3.0)/Direct Charge

Hope this was the reply you were looking for. It shouldn't have anything to do with software as I'm able to max out my notebooks SSD´s performance (190mb/s) using a  Belkin 3.1 USB-C to USB-C cable.

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I've read if you connect an SSD directly to the side-mounted USB-C port creates more than 500 MB/s. That would be USB3.1 gen2.
do you have an external SSD with at least 500 MB/s (read and write) and USB3.1 gen2 cable to test it? You can see the transfer speed "MB/s" if you use MiXplorer, Solid Explorer (free) app.
Transferring via a Windows Notebook or PC has a limitation due to Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). You can't transfer more than 250 MB/s, despite the fast internal SSD in the gaming notebook or PC. I could imagine that the Asus ROG phone developers could improve it because of MTP, maybe improve this protocol or replace it with something better. Can you send it to the Asus ROG Phone developers to fix it?