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Kunai gamepad - issue with the left stick

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When I push the left stick to any direction, it seems to snap the output direction to 0, 3, 6, 9 o'clock. For example, when I push it to 1 o'clock, I can tell the virtual stick in PUBG pushes to 0 o'clock instead. This issue makes it very annoying to move in the game. Especially when I am jumping around the containers in bay areas, I end up in the wrong direction and drop to the ground. I had no issue with my previous Black Shark and its gamepad.
I hope there will be an update to fix this issue asap.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Please upgrade to latest firmware to fix this issue. Thanks.



【Model Name】

ROG Phone II (ZS660KL)

【Release Date】


Since the server pushes update notice to different serial numbers by batches, it may take some days for you to receive the FOTA notice. Thanks for your patience. You may tap “System updates” in [Settings] >[System] to check if there is new firmware available. Or, you can also try to manually update firmware by referring to the following link.

How to update firmware on my phone?

【Release Note】

  1. Fixed Docomo SIM often disconnected mobile network issue
  2. Fixed occasional touch failure
  3. Fixed that navigation bar will not shrink to bottom automatically when playing PUBG MOBILE game
  4. Fixed call volume being lower than normal for Facebook and Whatsapp calling.
  5. Fixed File Manager crashing when opening a picture in the hidden folder
  6. Fixed that user can't share Airtrigger or key mapping settings in "Star Commander"

[191209] ROG Phone II_ZS660KL_WW_16.0631.1910.64

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Please upgrade to latest firmware to fix this issue. Thanks.

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Unfortunately this does not solve the problem. An update to the firmware of the Kunai is what will fix it.

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Hi, I had the same problem before but any firmware update didn't fix mine.

Also, now my kunai and bumper is not detected by my ROG phone 2. It just stopped working it was perfectly fine then the next minute it's not working.