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It has only been a month that i bought rog phone 2 and my battery has started draining so fast.

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After I bought rog phone 2 from flipkart in India battery was good for almost 2 weeks. Then the battery started to show abnormal drainage. After a month of use the battery of 6000mah doesn't even lasts for 3 hours of playing games. This battery of Asus rog phone 2 feels like 3000 mah rather than of 6000 mah. I think many like me has started facing this issue in this phone. I hope Asus will look into this issue asap and fix this drainage issue is next update.

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Ok I will test my battery with this apps. But why the above persons battery is showing 5285 mah in accubattery itself and my phone shows always below 4000 mah. Is something wrong with my battery only in one month of use. or did I get a damaged product

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80%-12% in 3 hours 30 minutes 6000mah battery great

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It might very well be that there's something wrong with your battery considering that you can charge it to 100% in one hour.
I would visit an ASUS Service Center if I were you

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I don't have any service centre near my place. Where can I go to check my phone . I live in state Sikkim in India. Are there any service centre in Sikkim India ?

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Every user has a different usage but I guess you could just turn off the wifi and mobile data and let the phone idle for a day and see how much battery it is draining. If you are losing 1% every hour..then it is normal I guess..
Is this a stupid comment? I have no idea.