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Issues with my rog phone II

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I am facing below issues with my rog phone II
1. When battery is low. I am seeing a pop up on my screen as flashlight disabled when using otg in low battery. I am not even trying to use flashlight or otg. Sometimes one of the charging port is also not working during low battery. During this time notification pane cannot be opened to. Screenshot is attached for alert.
2. Screen becomes unresponsive at times. Not happened in last few days but was happening quite often earlier.
3. Fingerprints are not recognized many a times once I press the power key and try again. It starts recognizing them.
4. Even i am out of the game the armory widget is enabled. Which creates problem while using phone in full screen mode.
5. Unable to zoom rear camera past 2x from inbuild camera app. But can do so using third party apps.

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I have also been facing the same issues.

The charging problem happens with the main charging phone. It doesn't charge and if it does no fast charging.

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I'm also having this problem right now. I only use the provided charger to charge my phone. The bottom port will not charge my phone and flashes the message "No flashlight when using OTG mode with low battery" when I have low battery. I plugged the phone up last night thinking it would be 100% in the morning only to find it at 3%. I had to use the side port to charge the phone to post this message. Is there a fix/setting adjustment for this?
P.s. This issue also persists with the phone turned off.

Edit: My wife has a Pixel and I took the usb-c cable from her charger along with the Asus provided AC block and it charges the phone just fine. If I use the Asus provided cable, nothing happens. This is with the bottom port only. The side port charges with either configuration.

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I'm also seeing this "OTG flashlight issue". I should add that I'm getting brief flashes of the ATTENTION error when both ports are connected the side mount takes priority over the bottom one. I am currently transferring files using the side port as I am seeing this.

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Hope to help me about this problem

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No issues here though!