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Incorrect phone specs at point of sale

Star I
As the ASUS complaint department is useless.......lets see what peoples thoughts are on here about ASUS.
I bought a ROG2 from the ASUS UK site, as I live in the UK. Spec on the site says it works on many FTE bands, so all is good. Lets splash out £600 on a phone.......
Turns the Strix model doesn't. Only the Ultimate does and this is shown on the .COM site they pointed out. But I like in the UK, so I went on the .CO.UK site. Also how is that something that should be considered in a model spec I don't know. More RAM, more storage.......all good things for a top model, but the bands the phone works on.........WTF ASUS!?
Anyway, your site doesn't show this for different models in the UK, so how is the consumer to know. In fact, after much complaining, the information was taken away. Almost like they were trying to hide it.........?
But they said they were now my phone works beautifully! doesn't.
I have a high spec phone on 3G..............yay. Actually 'yay' is not how I feel. I'm totally gutted to have spent this much on a pile of junk, can barely watch YouTube out and about, unless its 360p or I can find some WiFi.


Star III
Sorry, sometimes my sense of humor is a little louder than it should be. Put lightly.

Rising Star II
I get it, it was just uncalled for in this situation. I appreciate you being mature about it.