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How to record both internal and microphone audio in game genie, no options there ?

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Sir I Started Recording Gameplays From My ROG PHONE 2 Game Genie. But I Can record either internal or microphone. Kindly add new options to record both internal and microphone at same time in update. thank you.
If u need something for research pls check out the samsung m40 the game launcher from the samsung store, records gameplay internal as well as the microphone external audio. The phone sucks though on pubg. Switched to asus rog 2 but sadly it only records internal game audio. No options for mic recording. You guys made a gaming phone, this is the most important feature, u didnt add. Pls do this, ull get more sales.

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But if Iam playing with random teammates (not friends) how can I get it to work?

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Is your Team Mate on the same team? If so, you don't need to use Disord, just use the Game Genie and set to Microphone like Gustav_ASUS has mentioned in the post.

Dear @ronald1985, as @aniljoriya24 said; your team mates (friends or not) will not hear your voice.
And if I use the method advised by @Gustav_ASUS, The resulting video yes in effect includes the in-game-audio and the voice chat from dirscord app, except my voice, my voice is not in the resulting video.