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Bug for related to Bluetooth earphone & CODM microphone setitng

Star II
Found BUG for Firmware A10 WW 2004.60
 Problem: CODM crash when CHANGE microphone setting
 Trigger (cause of problem)
 1) Connect Bluetooth earphone (already try 2 BT different earphones)
 2) change microphone setting either to (All, friends, team)

 Only 2 of these conditions meet apps will crash.

 Temporary solution
 1) Every time you change your microphone settings, turn off your Bluetooth earphone. After finish setting microphones (either to All
of Friends or team) you just reconnect with your Bluetooth earphone

Community Legend III
I was not able to reproduce this bug with a pair of WH-1000XM3. Have you downloaded the latest version of Call of Duty: Mobile?

Star II
I tried to experiemnt again today (26 MAY) and I notice I can't reproduce the bug also

Maybe the latest update CODM already fixed it

Community Legend III
All is well that ends well! Happy gaming. @tabertyz

Star II
Hai, bad news... It happened again on firmware WW 2004.60
And it happen when bluetooth is connected
I'm not sure what the other rule for this bug to trigger.
But this time they happen when I about to go from Lobby to the game Map in CODM.