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GPS problem

Star III
Can you please fix GPS problem in the next update it does'nt work in google maps, waze, tomtom etc. hard to detect location. TIA and keep it up and also update in the camera.

Community Legend I

I have been trying to look for a fix or update specifically for GPS but couldn't find anything

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You're the only who have mentioned about GPS issues on ROG Phone II in the last couple of months. This brings me to the conclusion that it's your device. Please send it in for repair.

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Do you have a phone case on? I would take it off and try from there to see if it helps. It definately helped me when I had the issue.
I imagine this would be caused by Google Maps. The reason why I think that is the case is because if I uninstall all the updates for Maps, the blue signal becomes narrow. If updated, the blue signals becomes wider. So I am unsure at the moment.

Community Legend I
For the guys who have the problem of GPS not locking, do the following:
Settings -> System -> Reset options -> Reset app preferences (this doesn't affect apps data)
Settings -> Apps & notifications -> See all XXX apps -> (3 dots in the upper right corner) -> Show system -> Clear storage and cache of the following apps:
Google Maps
Google Play Services
Google Services Framework
Telephony Services
Fused Location
Google Location History
Restart your phone.
This seem to have worked for me, but I am in my 2nd day using GPS so I am still trying. I do not know how it occurred as I know I didn't have this issue too.

Community Legend I
OK, it has been just over a week using GPS and the above definately helped.
I also found out when I switched providers, it didn't do the coverage too well like the other provider I have in my other SIM tray which worked well.

Star II
I previously faced network and GPS issues.. it got so bad that it's really not usable to an extent....
Then I realized that a metal frame bumper that I bought basically kills it.
Do strip the phone naked and see if the issues still exist...