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Fingerprint doesn't work under direct sunlight .

Rising Star II
Guys , i just spotted a new issue , the fingerprint scanner doesn't work under direct sunlight . When on the road under direct sunlight , how many ever times I try , it doesn't detect my fingerprint . The moment I move to a shaded area it works ! .
Mods please help! I travel a lot and this is very inconvenient.

I have the Indian edition of ROG 2 8GB 128GB , updated

Rising Star II

The easiest fix would seem to be creating some momentary shade with your body and unlocking the phone, then pulling it back into direct sunlight when the phone is unlocked.

No light sensor is immune from being overwhelmed by the sun.

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Performance will be lower in sunlight as the light can refract on the screen at an angle which interferes with the optical reader but it should still work if you just turn away from the sun so you create some shade with your body. Could be that you need to register your finger with more than just one profile. Make sure to move your finger around when you register it. Both from which direction and where you place it on the screen. Try to get som partial fingerprints too.

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Thanks a lot guys 🙂 , if it's not a defect issue then I have no problem adjusting !