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Rising Star I
There seems to be some problem with camera white shooting videos i observed complete blurred videos where the person or face is blurred and during taking photos also i observed same problem... I expect major update just for better camera performance..

Hall of Fame III
Was it sharp anywhere? Like in the background? I'm thinking maybe the focus what set to something else? Didn't you notice this while recording?
Could you please record again and post the video here?

Zen Master II
Talking of sharpness, here are digitally zoomed photos, that means cropped and with actually reduced pixel count, taken in a 48mp mode. Photos are as taken by the camera, not processed. Here all factors work against sharpness and yet the results are consistent and really great for a phone camera! Actually sharpness is one of the best qualities of the camera. The same can be observed in video. I don't know what went wrong to jogeshvilluri but good results are possible, also in portrait.


Rising Star I
Here you can see the image... I have some other pics, but i can't post them here... I got blurred faces in some photos in both potrait mode and photo mode . is there anything that can be reasons like only for my mobile

Zen Master II
Those are definitely blury and not acceptable. Totally out of focus. I am sorry. I cannot tell what is the reason. I am just a user and not from Asus. I can only speak of my own experience with Rog 2 which is good.
The reason for blurred photo can be the phone or your technique. First try to eliminate yourself as the source of the problem. I don't know your level of skill but I can ask. I would just like to help if possible.
Do you tap on the object in the frame which you want to be sharp? Do you control the exposure with the slider behind the sun icon? Do you use manual mode and check focus manually? If you do everything properly than it's the phone (software or hardware). I suggest you make these tests. In PHOTO mode chose 48mp in settings. Tap on the part of the screen which you want to be the sharpest. Tap on the little sun icon and regulate exposure on the vertical slider. In PORTRAIT mode set the depth effect at aperture f0.95. Tap on the face of the person in the frame. Tap on the little yellow sun icon to control exposure. In PRO mode leave everything on auto except focus. Select MF. Slide on the semi-circular slider to find the best sharpness. Tap on the sun icon to control exposure. In 12mp mode don't use HDR or HDR+ mode unless there is a lot of light and shadows involved. If you do, keep your hands very steady and hold your breath until the process is finished. Use firm support for the camera or your hands if possible. This is more or less everything you need for the beginning. Take a little practice. If you still get bad results you need some assistance.
Here is another example of a photo you should have similar quality. You can see a lot of fine detail.