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Bugs need to be fixed ASAP!!

Rising Star II
Hello there, i have been using asus rog phone 2 for a month now and i have noticed the following bugs. Plz fix this ASAP
1. Network problem - when one of my sim signal gets weak the entire network collapse . I mean both sim 1, sim 2 along with wifi are refreshed due to which i have to be afk for 3 second which is entirely ruining my game and its really frustrating. You can also find other users facing same issues like on this forum
2. Contacts - The merge contact number and names aren't working.
3. Air trigger - The ryt air trigger still flickers (occasionally not usually) And for the left ones i have to squeeze more hard to reach level 6-7 but it doesn't cross over level 7 and with the same force applied on ryt trigger it reaches level 10, Both airtrigger needs to be balanced in terms of force applied and flickering issue needs to be solved asap, for some users left trigger seems to be flickering.
4. SMS - Am using default sms app yet i dont receive any notifications when msgs arrives, but when i check inbox, the msg is received but i am not at all notified in notification panel neither do i get a hint that msg has arrived.
5. Vibrations - Well this doesn't sound like a problem for everyone but its my personal request. Has anyone noticed that when u received new phone and when u opened up app menu and scrolled down as fast as u can and the slider on ryt column hit the end line, the phone used to vibrate? I liked that feedback of vibrations but i see no more like it dissappeared on its own after 2 - 3 days. I liked playing with it tho :p. I would be happy if u work on it as well.
6. Notifications - for some apps i receive notification, but for other apps i dont receive any, like for an example google pay, i don't receive notifications in panel when someone sends me money.
7. Viper4android - could u plz add this? I like the speakers of these phones but i bet it would sound even better with Viper4android tweaks, we can enhance bass and etc, tho this is also my personal request. (i dont wanna root my phone just to get this on my device)
8. Fingerprint sensor - would you make it lil faster and more accurate in detection, bcuz i get twice or thrice the mismatch error per day(my hands are clean and i added fingerprint of both thumbs bcuz if ryt thumb doesn't work i open it with left) but its annoying 😞
9. Cpu throttling - this guy has already posted query regarding this issue so i don't have to mention anything
10. Armoury Crate - you have given us an option to manage cpu for each game, i tried setting performance to advanced and cpu to 2.42ghz, later i tried to reduce cpu to the lowest and when i launched the game and opened up game genie from left side, it still showed me cpu using 2.42ghz (i tried this on clash royale game btw)
Battery Status - battery status shows unknown, before it used to show time remaining.
And thats it, so far i noticed in this month
I have mentioned everything i could find out so u can work on it and provide us the best you can, thank you. 🙂

Rising Star II

  1. It's better if we find a permanent solution. I hope you can help us if I give you a log tool via PM.
  2. A video and log file would be awesome
  3. It's not perfect but we have already fixed all known issues. It could be that there's something wrong with your device maybe? It shouldn't flicker.
  4. So it's working? Not working? I will need a log file if it's still not working.
  5. still no word
  6. Please experiment some more. If the answer is not there, then you need to reset your device but I'm fairly certain that the issue lays with these settings.
  7. I will keep this app in mind

My reply to your other issues and this might sound like a broken record but

  1. I need a log
  2. I need a log
  3. I need a log
  4. I need a log

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any word on 5 & 7?

Hall of Fame III
I was just informed that the change of intensity in the vibrators between restarts will be fixed in the Q update

Star II
(beta 1-2 android 10):
I set:
- Face unlock
- Reveal face to show all notifications on the lock screen, swipe up to access the home screen
- Turn on the display when a new notification arrives

When a notification arrives, there is no way to know which app it came from! Only the clock appears without any icon. Even if I go to the unlock screen this is not visible, I must be recognized (correct and consistent with what is set in the face unlock menu). Slide to go to the Home.

If instead imposed
- Face unlock
- Show sensitive content only if unlocked (or do not turn on the second item in the face lock menu)
- Turn on the display when a new notification arrives

in this way the notifications appear when the display is automatically turned on, but there is no way to unlock the phone and remain in the lockscreen. You must go to the home.

Another option would be useful instead, which shows the sensitive contents of the notifications only if unlocked and the possibility to access the home screen with a slide from the lockscreen:
When the display turns on for a new notification arrived, an icon of the app that sent the notification.
When i'm on the lockscreen but not recognized a list of all app icons notification.
Face recognition, notification sensitive content is showed.
Now slide to go to homepage.
A bit like all other android devices. now this option is unavailable.

I hope I have been clear with the explanation, thanks

Star I
While watching Videos I can't scroll down my notification bar like I can't turn of my internet.
Then My Bluetooth is turning on automatically.Everytime I will turn of that withing next minute it will automatically Will be in ON Mode..

Star I
So many problems and bugs in this ASUS🙄🙄.I'm facing totally different issues and it is unexpected.. Kindly Give some solutions for my issues🙏