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Screen not smooth A10 lastest

I found a bug in the latest A10 update1. The 60hz Scroll or slide screen didn't feel smooth like a frame drop,2. And try to open MyAsusSettings> Support> MyAsus, is definitely not possibleAsk to be updated via Playstore even though it is the latest v...

Viuw by Star I
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Charger Cable

My wonderful dog eat my charger cable Any idea if I can order only the cable/wire charger for Asus Rog 2? If no any alternatives that support hypercharge? Thank you!

Ramses by Star II
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Update killed my FPS...

Hello, i got an update 1our ago and now i can't play to "Last day on earth" on 45 or 60 FPS.Before update when i config 120 FPS on "game profile" i had 60 FPS, 90>45, but now with the MAJ (number 17.0230.2002.32) always stuck at 30 FPS!Please help m...

gaganet by Star II
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[Unknown bug] Status bar icons disappeared

Hi,Yesterday night, I was just using my mobile for some casual browsing. Suddenly all the status bar icons disappeared. After restart, everything comes back to normal again. I don't know what causes the issue. Also I was not able to replicate it eith...

SoumyaRS by Rising Star II
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Suggestions:1. I've seen how powerful the RGB light is right below the flashlight, i'm talking about the second flash light. Please add an update so we can control it. I know asus made it for the exclusive lightning cases but please don't make that l...

by Not applicable
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Fortnite Android 10 Optimizations

Hi, anyone has experience in tweaking fortnite for Android 10 in Armory crate for the ROG phone 2?I recently installed it after it became available on the Play Store. However, in high settings, I am only able to hit around 45 fps on average. What mig...

Doesn't support AAC bluetooth codec

ROG II doesn't support AAC codec with my Kenwood car player, my Max Pro M1 supports! Why?(I don't touch the developer options in none of my smartphones)

Melqui by Zen Master I
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Both tap/auto focus not working at FHD 60FPS video recording

Hello guys,Please try to reproduce following and if you got the same issue comment below.1) in stock camera, go to video mode2) in menu at top, select FHD 60FPS(Go in dim lighting environment, or indoors at evening)3) focus on any close object (so cl...

ImShrey by Rising Star II
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Video recording failed.

I have bought Asus ROG Phone 2. A few days ago but the video recording doesn't work on both main camera and wide angle, front and back camera.The phone came new in a sealed box.It says global version when I bought it, but on the back of the phone, it...

Ayham by Star I
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