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Mobile is legit or not

Star I
I wanna know whether my phone is legit or not as it says tencent games on the back with full mirror on back of 12gb ram.
Doesn't give proper frame rate while playing game and my system info is shown in photo.
Please help me on this..


Community Legend II
I can see the firmware is very old. It can be indication that it hasn't been getting any FOTA:s at all.
From this image alone, I cannot deduce if this is a China SKU reflashed to international ROM.
But there are several threads on XDA helping with this issue, unfortunately it is very difficult for us here to provide exact steps on what you can do.

However you could first try to download the WW firmware for Android 10. Place the file manually on your device root folder.
You can find our updates here;
ROG Phone II Driver & Tools | Phone | ASUS Global
This is the download link for the latest Android 10 update;