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Battery life Pubg

Rising Star II
Hi, I wanna ask how much battery life are you guys getting while playing pubg on hdr+extreme and Anti-Aliasing on.
I am getting just 3+ hrs of battery life. Asus team claims 6+ hours.


Rising Star II
I'll say 4:30 max if you're playing with no breaks+ high tier games+ x mode ultimate( simple words- everything pushed to the max)
It can be extended to around 5:30 if you play tdm, training ground ,arcade or if you all of you games are not 30 mins long

Zen Master I
I getting around 5:30 hours at smooth and extreme graphics for power saving high performance profile

Not applicable
Playing at smooth extreme, default xmode settings, max cpu speed, memory cleaner on, max temperature. Getting about 6-7 hours of battery life. 15% per hour which is pretty decent. Not good considering its a 6000 mah battery. Had higher expectations

Rising Star II
Looks like you guys are getting good battery life, I don't know what's eating up my battery. Only 3:30 hrs of pubg no xmode only hdr+extreme.
Damn that's bad, Asus team also has no answers for me.