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Audio quality over headphone jack


This problem seems not appearing in the forum at all so i posted this new thread.
Does anyone have any issues with the audio quality with headphones over 3,5 mm headphone jack?
Any headphone i checked (Beyerdynamics Custom One Pro, DT 770 Pro, included Asus Earbuds, In-Ear Phones by LG) - the audio quality is terrible. Let me try to explain what i hear:
Every time in the music song loud parts appear the phone regulate the overall loudness down and when a quiet part comes the phone correct it somehow up... Which sounds very Weird cause there is a delay in this... So the song sounds like crap.
I tried to get used to it but no. Every time for e.g. the Refrain stops and a verse comes, the music volume drops and rises weird...

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Are you on the latest FW? Any sounds effects active in AudioWizard? Which software are you using when you listen to music?