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Asus ROG Phone II Screen Broke

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So my kid got a hold of my poor rog 2 and broke its screen and now it is all dark.

I tried connecting it to a dock and to TV so I can back up my stuff but the tv only shows the ROG emblem in gray. Nothing changes with touching any of the buttons or the screen except when I click on the power button the emblem goes away and comes back when I click it again.

Does it have to do with the device being passcode locked? Or there is something I need to turn on in setting?

Any suggestion is welcome. Will replace the screen eventually but it will take a very long time as the device is not officially sold here.

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@qsmfarhan Sorry to hear about your display.
The reason you're only seeing a ROG logo is (most likely) because you've set the screen mode to TwinView or Tablet mode. You're not getting any further than that with the desktop dock I'm afraid, since you need to get past the lock screen to change that.
You might be able to fix your problems by getting hold of an HDMI to USB-C cable. That setup will default to mirror mode, making it possible to see your screen on the TV. This assumes your touch is still working of course.
Good luck!

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Awesome, thanks for the response. I will try a usbc to hdmi.

Reason I went for a dock is I thought I could use a mouse or a keyboard, and I had a dock obviously.
Let's hope the touch still works.