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Asus ROG Phone II Android 10 stable release date

Star I
Hi there,
I am using Asus ROG Phone II along with Android 9. I Have some problems with the Bluetooth connectivity. Its getting disconnect and reconnect repeatedly. I am using Samsung U Flex as my Bluetooth hearing device. I tried this same Bluetooth device with different phones. Only Asus ROG Phone II is giving me this Bluetooth problem. I hope the coming Android 10 Stable release could resolve my issue. Please share the release date of stable version of Android 10 on Asus ROG Phone II. Any idea guys?

Rising Star II
Hey Dileep, sorry to hear about your issue. My bluetooth has been working exceptionally since day 1 across multiple devices. What troubleshooting steps have you taken so far to try and fix the issue? Did you try a Bluetooth reset via settings > system > reset options? As far as information on when A10 will be released is concerned there is no specific date but it should be just around the corner.

Star I
Is this real or just a prank?
I found it from a blog which is posted today only. After i clicked on the source link I found the following result.
What is happening there? ? I just want to know!