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Asus Rog phone 2 Android 10 issues

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There are a lot of things that changed my phone's experience after the A10 update.
1. The phone now overheats while charging using the 30 Watt adapter as well as 18 Watt adapter.
2. Gaming performance reduced a lot specifically Pubg where frame drops and desync is now. Becoming a normal behaviour, checked the wifi and it's stable. The phone overheats while keeping the graphic settings to High, anti- aliasing also was disabled.
3. Ran Geekbench score after updating to A10 and see my score, you will be shocked and it even lists below One plus 6.
I am reporting these issues within not even a week of upgrade but this is important to report as this phone is still with a lot of bugs after updating to Android 10


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I just used the official downgrade package and installed android 9. Honestly, android 10 is really bad!

  1. I tested the antutu benchmark it was around 4 lakhs. That's it! Not even 4.1 lakhs! Which is very very low compared to the original score of 5 lakhs!
  2. Animations are a bit smooth not gonna lie, but then there is this heating issue! Even in normal day to day usage phone heats jussst a little bit! But in android 9 its cold af!
  3. And obviously sot is not that great either, I noticed that while playing pubg and asphalt 9!

I just got frustrated and reinstalled android 9. And when I tested again, guess what, antutu score is 4.9 lakhs! Around 5 lakhs which is amazing! My beast is back!

To all the gamers out there, install android 9 from the official firmware page of asus if you want that godly performance back! Otherwise if you want some good features of android 10 but with a bit of a downside then enjoy! Your choice!

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Hey, did you take a backup before downgrading? I want to downgrade but I am trying to find a way to make this backup and restore a bit less of a pain in the ass. If you did take a backup, was it a local or a drive one and what all did you have to reconfigure after the restore?

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Any update about the issues? Android 10 is the worst update ever for this phone. And after 1 month from its release (after all the beta period of A10), Asus don't give us any answer.
Nice way to treat consumers...

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My phone is now running better and better. One of the reasons for problems was within permissions. In A10 there is an option to give permissions while using the app only, or to give permissions all the time. Choosing one over the other could cause conflict.
So A10 was the upgrade where I had to dig in and search for solutions more than ever before, but it is possible to solve issues at the end. I only wish those solutions where there "out of the box". Upgrading from A8 to A9 was nowhere near as tricky.
Google Chrome still freezes. I only use it for this forum. It would be good that Asus gives us in My Asus app the choice of the preferred browser. Or maybe there is such a choice?

After Android 10 update...Phone is getting over heated during Charing and while playing games even sometime games got is making me to feel whether it is a gaming mobile or just like low budget mobile?? After the upgradation performance is just plz fix the bugs...And show the Real performance of ROG 2 ..I want the Real domination of our gaming GOD...ROG back!!!

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Hey all,
Any updated comment on A10 with most recent version? I would rather keep a eye on the comment for the A10 update and see if the most recent version is the stable one or not, then will arrange update if yes. Thanks.