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Air Trigger issue

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Experiencing some issue with my right air trigger. Button press is sometimes unresponsive and intermittent. Notice it after the latest firmware update. Sometimes the button press would "flicker" when I'm holding it down. Want to know if it's a software bug or hardware issue. Hopefully someone can enlighten me.
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I have those disabled. My force to actuate are set at 3.

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I have the same force set and it works perfectly for me, so sorry if yours is faulty

Star I also happened to me after last update ( 1908.21 )
It happend to me on left trigres..because i set it to fire on feels hard to play because it randomly not trigered if i hold this left airtriger..and vibration change randomly after i reboot this phone..
Pls fix this asap..
It fines on the fimrware before 1908.21

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I just tried a factory reset on my phone. Didn't fix the problem. But when I redownloaded some games and boot them up, I noticed that without air trigger enabled in game, pressing R trigger would trigger long squeeze for X mode while in game. Not sure if this is intended.

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I am glad I found this thread. I have the same exact issue of right trigger flickering during COD Mobile. It started right after the last update. Your OTA updates add new bugs than patching old ones. The frequent software issues and bugs will certainly plague your sales. The red tint issue, bluetooth showing disconnected after turning off smart watches for calls, weird string when you search "About" in settings. This is the worst purchase decision I made.

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Same problem here, right trigger Is not working properly, left One Is perfect. Hope Asus Will solve this soon, this Is getting me really sad..