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After the Last update of Asus Rog 2 heating of phone has gone haywire.

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Android 9 was not smooth thanks to android 10 everything is very smooth now..... but it came at a heavy cost..... battery drain and heating issue.... i used to play pubg at ultra settings and my temprature was used to go max 44°c but after A10 update in same settings it going till 49° so i made setting to medium and now temperature came to 37-39° c but again after last update at medium its going to 45 °c ..... i dont understand what is the benifit of purchasing a gaming phone if i have to play a game in lowest of settings.please fix the temperature control.

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Yes i also noticed. When charging also it heats up a lot. Need to fix this asap @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS @Kris_ASUS

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Yes I'm facings same problem regarding heating and battery also not upto mark

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Same. 47° on (high performance 60fps) Sky: Children of the lights.

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You may all share some detail about
What's the ambient temperature when your device reach this system temperature?
Which game are you playing
What settings do you have in the game
What settings do you have in Armoury Crate
For how long do you need to play to reach this temperature
Are you charging while you play the game